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Illustrations: Root Canal Treatment from Start to Finish

A Deep Infection

1. A Deep Infection

Root canal treatment is needed when an injury or a large cavity damages the tissues inside the tooth's root. The tooth and immediate structures surrounding it can become infected or inflamed.

A Deep Infection

2. A Route to the Root

The dentist may numb the tooth. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber at the tooth core.

A Deep Infection

3. Removing the Infected/Inflamed Tissue

Special instruments are used to remove the diseased pulp tissues . Then the root canals are shaped and prepared for filling.

A Deep Infection

4. Filling the Canals

The root canals are filled with a permanent material. This helps to keep the root canals sealed and free of infection.

A Deep Infection

5. Rebuilding the Tooth

A temporary filling material may be placed on top of the root filling to seal the opening. This will be replaced by the permanent filling or a crown. A crown, sometimes called a cap, looks like a natural tooth. It is placed over the top of the tooth.

A Deep Infection
A Deep Infection

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